What is a Math Teacher’s Circle?

A Math Teacher’s Circle is a place where K-12 teachers and mathematicians come together regularly to engage in problem solving with interesting and fun mathematical investigations and to share classroom experiences and successes. Math Teacher’s Circles are growing in popularity across the nation and MTCPenn is one of only two MTCs in the state of Pennsylvania.


We believe that Mathematics is more than just a tool to science. When we first fell in love with Mathematics, it was not because of its many applications. It is because Math is simple and complex, fun and challenging, concrete and magical. We became passionate in doing Math that we decided to continue doing Math through college and through teaching. Now, we teach math more than we actually do it and we want to do math again. To go through it again the way we experienced it and fell in love with it years ago!


With this in mind, we have the following goals for MTCPenn:

  * Empower the K-12 Math Teachers to be mathematicians.

* Provide an opportunity for math teachers to collaborate and practice math.

 * Deepen our appreciation of math while maintaining and improving our problem solving skills.

  * Develop and share problem-solving strategies that could help our students in school.


The MTCPenn is grateful for our sponsors and our mentor:

 The American Institute of Mathematics

 National Security Agency

 Juniata College 

 Southeast Ohio MTC